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JEA National Journalism Conference in Boston

    I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Boston this month with some of my Yearbook Staff for the JEA national journalism conference. I got to compete in a Liteary Magazine Layout competition and attended tons of really amazing classes. Here are some pictures from my trip.
Four days in a carry on was tough, thanks to my overly organized brain I was able to bring everything I needed to stay warm.

This was our last day in the city at he sight of the Boston Massacre. It was amazing to see a city work around so much history.


This was from a little coffee shop in the Back Bay area that we went to while waiting on our reservation at Strega. I wasn't ready for so many places to be cash only, had I known I would've been able to get three more of these.

One of my many delicious meals: Drunken Shrimp from Scolly's Square. 
This was part of our walk in the morning to the subway.

Our last day we also visited the oldest grave yard in the US. Way in the back was the tombstone of Fredrick Tudor, the "Ice King" of Boston. It was gorgeous and so solemn. 

At one point we all walked around the city to see Boston University. Right across from the dorms was this gorgeous site of the Charles River at night.

Here's everyone (excluding our advisor) on our way to wander the city. The subway was so convenient, we'd buy tickets as we needed them and ended up spending ten dollars more than it would have been for a seven day rail pass. 

My last picture is of our flight home. I love flying at night, Texas looks so much flatter than the north and the lights were beautiful. The sessions taught me so much about my publications and getting ready for journalism in college and as a career. It was a spectacular trip and I can't wait to go back to Boston.

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