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Update: Autumn

     Autumn is officially here! Things have been insane with school right now but I've learned so many design tricks from my publications that I can't wait to share.
     One thing I learned below is that there are "popular" colors and you can just google something like "color of the year" or season or whatever and get amazing colors. Before I'd use a site called Kuler from adobe, on it you could create pallets from a color wheel or browse other peoples pallets. I like the finding popular colors because I know they'll be accepted well if that makes sense. Quite often in the past I'd choose a set of colors and do my whole project only to put it on my site and not like it. Anyway the color of the year is jade so I thought it fitting to do the autumn poster.
     Here's another tip that may seem very obvious. Spell Check. I had made a poster that I was particularry proud of and made it the background of my computer at school. Two weeks after someone finally told me about a misspelled word. The poster is down and I have a new wallpaper to say the least.
     Anyway, I'd like to apologize for my absence the past month. Somehow between work and school and publications I forget to do the things I love most, designing.

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