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iOS 7 Review and update

     We were all sitting in Photography yesterday afternoon. One of my table mates said something along the lines of "14 hours?!". We were all trying to download the new iOS for our phones while gaffer taping shutters over our pinhole cameras. 
     I woke up this morning with my update for both my phone and ipad and I'm in love. Everything from the way you swipe apps to the way you close apps has been thought out. I love the use of transparencies like the one at the bottom, they make the phone seem incredibly mature and modern. The built in apps have become very minimalist, especially the newsstand one and photo album, another design leap forward into the future. I predict that third party apps will begin to mimic the nature of the new iOS by getting rid of shadows on their icons and simplifying design of both their logo and interface. 
     My photo teacher mentioned that the entire system was girly, but as I put on my feminist pants let me counter. New York Times says Women are becoming more and more predominant in the work place and are soon to become the primary bread winners. With that said I think many things will change in our daily lives because of this socioeconomic shift, large ones like football and hyper-masculine sports will become more popular but also small ones like our phones looking "kinda girly" as my photo teacher said. 

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