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Update: Howdy August!

Hello everyone! July flew by and it's already August (I realized I had never designed with pink before so I gave it a try for this month's banner...might have gone a little over board).
   In July I moved away from typography quotes a little and more toward Illustrator and Photoshop projects. If you'd like to see more typography please let me know in a comment below, otherwise it's full force toward illustrator projects!
   August is a huge milestone, not because of any major holidays, but because it marks BACK TO SCHOOL! It seems way too early still but I'm excited to start senior year. Things are going to get pretty crazy around here but I'll do my best to keep up.
   In other news I've gotten a job at Bath & Body works in my local mall. I'm really excited to get back to work after only blogging all this time but again time will be a challenge.
   One final thing! Be sure to check out the new free printable calendar under my "Printables" tab up top. I really like how the August one turned out and wanna make sure you get to use it.

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