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Update: Let the college hunt begin

Hello everyone, I've been hard at work this summer. Appart from the designing jobs with my church and a charity, as well as the colossal planner project I set up for myself, I've also started the giant task of college searching. I did my first college visit today at TCU with my dad and it was a really great experience. Obviously I plan on majoring in Graphic Design (haven't decided on a minor yet) and I'm really eager to see what each college has to offer.

   In other news I've UNINSTALLED InDesign! Yup it's gone. (probably not forever) I've decided to spend a lot more time on photoshop and illustrator. I'm getting more comfortable with PS but it's a big program. As far as illustrator I'm just getting my feet we but I've already got big plans. My first project is a giant vector image of my quidditch club's logo. It's going pretty well and I can't wait to show you the end result. Until then I'll try to keep up on the quotes and phone backgrounds.

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