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Photo Editing Project: Two of a Kind

I got these wonderful pictures from one of my very good friends Kelsey.  Her models are friends from our school: Charlie and Kimberly in the first and Rachel and Diane in the second. 
In Charlie and Kimberly's image I focused a lot on the healing and clone tool (notice charlie's missing hand?) as well as the dodge and burn tools. Their makeup is beautiful and dark, the dodge and burn tools helped it to stand out. I also worked with the liquify tool (which was completely foreign to me) to pouf the girl's hair.
In Rachel and Diane's image I worked mostly with effects, most obviously the levels (the colors). The two really stand out against the darkened grass and it makes for a much more dramatic image. If you couldn't tell these two are twins and they did an awesome job at contrasting their outfits. I also added a radial blur on the grass to make a really cool effect. 
Thanks again to Kelsey and her models, everyone really helped me practice.

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