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2013-2014 Student Planner for sale NOW!

Hello everyone! This has been a massive project but it's finally here! My 2013-2014 student planner! As promised it will be FREE to download starting July 29th and ending on August 3rd. However! If you absolutely can't wait another second here's a link to my etsy shop where you can download and print it off for use TODAY! Just click the image below. After August 3rd you can download the planner from etsy only.
Some things to mentions: 
  • The planner is made for 8.5x11 inch paper and is in full color
  • you can print it off at home or have it professionally bound at a print shop
  • the planner includes 13 calendar pages, 52 weeks of planner pages, and plenty of room for projects, birthdays, assignments, and more.
  • The entire thing is 144 pages long (including a cover and a back)

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