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Photo Editing Project: Making a GIF

This is one of my all time favorite band's covers!

Hello! Here's the first ever gif I made! It took me a while to find a solid tutorial to do this, I actually didn't follow one tutorial completely but just figured things out myself and went to tutorials when I had questions. If you're interested I mostly used these two: Video from YouTube & Gizmodo. The Gizmodo one I used for how put it together, unlike the one in the tutorial I only used pictures and the one from youtube I used to figure out how to save and format. I'm really excited to learn more with gifs and CS6.
               Edit: I just uploaded this to tumblr and there was a problem with it only going through the       slides first. I had to go back and save the gif with the "Looping Options" set to "forever" which makes sense. It seems to work fine for blogger though. 

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